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Marta Niedbał, Interdisciplinary artiste currently based in Kraków, Poland. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and completed a scholarship at the LCC University of the Arts in London.

Through the weaving of threads, Marta Niedbal's work reveals sensual leakages and unstable boundaries. She is interested in fluidity, which challenges dualisms and dichotomies and engages the body with its relationship to affect, emotionality and sexuality. Her weaving process can be understood as a form of soft resistance by opening narrative spaces for the peripheral and emphasizing the role of space in the discussion of different forms of solidarity, empathy and ‘being in that together’

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Background video: Excerpt from Somnium Soft-Core, collective short film story by Jan Jurczak, Marta Niedbał and More here >

2024.03 – W zwierciadle niejasno, Studio Bank, concept and production: Katarzyna Wąs, Joanna Witek -Lipka

2024.03 – Back to school, Society of Friends of Zachęta / Razem Pamoja Foundation, Secondary School Wyspiański in Tychy

2023.12 – The 100 most influential women in 2023. Forbes Women list, Poland

2023.11 – Dissolving, viewing in the Podgląd gallery of the artwork awarded this year's ING Foundation Grand Prize, and a meeting with the artists.

2023.10 – Hold Me Closer, duo exhibition with Paweł Olszczyński, as part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Hos Gallery, Warsaw 

2023.10 – Refugees Welcome, group exhibition, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, curator: Szymon Maliborski

2023.10 – ING Polish Art Foundation Award  Second Main Prize – Marta Niedbał and Paweł Olszczyński for exhibition ‘Hold Me Closer’ at HOS Gallery

2023.05 – Na Krawędzi (On the Edge) o/b/c/y artist run space, Warsaw / Marta Niedbał, Olaf Brzeski, Julia Zborowska, curated by: Anna Maria Karczmarska, Mikołaj Małek

2023.03 – Fluid Circulation, The interdisciplinary research and exhibition project – Hydrofeminist Explorations in Post-Industrial Landscapes brought together artists, curators, authors, hydrologists and environmentalists to investigate local bodies of water.., group show, KunstWerk Köln, DE, coordination: Nada Rosa Schroer i Nina Paszkowski

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Art-residency within Fluid Circulations project, Cologne, Germany, July 2022

2022-23 – Zmęczenie materiału, MATERIAL FATIGUE. THE NATIONAL EXHIBITION OF POLISH TAPESTRY. Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź,curator: Jakub Gawkowski
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2022.09 – Niepokój przychodzi o zmierzchu, Zachęta, National Gallery, Warsaw, PL,  kuratorka: Magdalena Komornicka

2022.06 – Some Holes in This House,
Solo exhibition, Elementary for city dwellers, Krakow, curator: Arkadiusz Półtorak

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2022.04 – Interior, group exhibition, BWA Katowice, curator: Marta Lisok

2022.01 – Pharmacist, group exhibition, MM Tychy City Museum, Tychy PL, curator: Agata Szymanek

2021.12 – Somnium Soft-Core duo exhibition and film screening made together with Jan Jurczak, Czwartek Gallery Warsaw, PL

2021.10 – Sabat group exhibition, Podbrzezie Gallery, Cracow PL, curators: Magdalena Lazar, Lidia Krawczyk. 
Basel Art Fairs & Dinner Evening with Polish Galleriesgroup exhibition in Swiss Embassy, Warsaw, PL 2021

2021 – Magical Renewal Salon group exhibition, Widna Gallery, Kraków, PL curator: Marta Kudelska

2021 – Young Trapped, group exhibition, Heart of Man Gallery, Krakers, Cracow Gallery Week, Cracow PL  / curator: Kamil Pierwszy

Frieze and Emblem, Practical manifesto of new visual arts forms in Polish schools, collective exhibition / ArtInfo, Razem Pamoja Foundation, Towarzystwo Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych, Warsaw, PL 2021 / curator: Bartosz Przybył-Ołowski

You will never walk alone!group exhibition / Labirynt Gallery, Lublin PL 2021

WGW. Effects of pandemic. SNY group exhibition, the Heart of Man Gallery, as a part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend, PL 2020, curator: Kamil Pierwszy

A Dream within a Dream group exhibition / Dzidy Duo Garden, Warsaw, PL 2020 curators: Aleksandra Liput, Michalina Sablik

Home Fire duo exhibition / together with Marcela Adamczyk / Death of a Man Gallery, Warsaw, PL 2019kurator: Kamil Pierwszy

What We do in the shadows group exhibition / Widna Gallery as part of Krakers, Krakow Gallery Week PL 2018 / curator: Magdalena Lazar

Together Light installation, realised with Magdalena Lazar and Barbara Janczak, as part of the exhibition and project U-turn, Organhaus Gallery, Chongqing, China, 2017 / curated by Ni Kun

Motion vs Rest Vol.3 group exhibition and 3rd edition of Dimension Art Centre project, Chonqging, China 2017

Motion vs Rest Vol.2 group exhibition and 2nd edition of the project / SM Debniki Gallery as part of Krakers, Cracow Gallery Week PL 2016

Motion vs Rest Vol.2 art-book premiere during Editorial editions exhibition at Espace Gallery, Montreal, Canada, 2015, curated by Collectif Blanc

OFFM Art Panels festival, art in the city space, Frankfurt, DE, 2015

Group exhibition (Trans-Trippies project) SM Debniki, as part of Krakers, Krakow Gallery Weekend EN 2015

Illustration above-collective exhibition, Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, 2015 curator: Olga Grodniewicz

Home is just a state of mind, Solo exhibition and multidisciplinary project presented in the forest space and at EyeLevel gallery in Halifax, NS, CA, 2014

Think: LiteratureInteractive urban installation realised together with Iga Niedbał-Burzak in the old market square in Krakow, Main prize in the Conrad festival competition, PL, 2012

Scholarships, Fairs, Auctions:

Let's Meet! Solidarity with Ukraine.  Charity Lottery, Elementary for city dwellers, Krakow, 2022

Liste Art Fair Basel Premiere exhibition of works at the Swiss Art Fair as part of Art Basel Represented by Gallery Heart of Man, Basel, CH 2021

Scholarship, Andrzej Szczypiorski Fund for the Promotion of Creativity of the ZAIKS Society of Authors, 2021

Polish School of Textiles group exhibition and auction, Desa Unicum, Warsaw, PL 2021

Polish School of Textiles group exhibition and auction, Desa Unicum, Warsaw, PL 2020

5th Charity Art Auction - The Art of Helping, Razem Pamoja Foundation, Desa Unicum, Warsaw, 2020

Design. Woman's Art.collective exhibition / group exhibition / Desa Unicum gallery Warsaw, PL 2019 / curator / curator: Cezary Lissowski

Residency projects and participation in workshops:

New Rules International summer residency project organized by Nowy Teatr Komuna Warszawa, Warsaw, PL 2021
Ceramic Plein-At the invitation of Razem Pamoja Foundation, within the framework of Back to School project Kadenówka Creative House, PL 2020

Flow Dzika rzeka plein air on the Vistula River / upon invitation of Together Pamoja Foundation and Ewa Ciepielewska, PL 2020

Hermetic way of thinking astrology workshops upon the invitation of artist and curator Paulina Ołowska, Dom Twórczy Kadenówka, PL 2019Conductor: Miloš Mušicki

Rock-paper-scissors urban project within the CÁO Create the train festival, Sichuan Art Institute, Chonqging, China 2018

U-turn International urban workshop and group exhibition / Organhaus Gallery, Chonqging, China 2017, curated by Ni Kun

Selected teaching projects / conferences / conducted workshops:

Towards deskilling. New relations between art and (in)knowledge / Guest speaker at a public panel discussion of the Department of Performatics, Jagiellonian University, 2022

Motion vs Rest public lecture at ESAD Matosinhos university, Porto, PR 2019

New Collaboration public lecture at the university Sichuan Art Institute, Chongqing, CN 2018

Miadetica typographic workshop led with Barbara Janczak together with students of the Chinese university MIADA, CTBU, Chongqing, China, 2017

Define hybrid workshop with students of Ecole Supérieure d'Art des Pyrénées, Pau, FR 2016

From the need for a secret typographic workshop with students of the Institute of Graphic Arts, majoring in Art & Design, in collaboration with the library of the Institute of Slavonic Philology, Jagiellonian University, 2019

Realisation of photobook projects
A series of workshops with students as part of the EU programme University of the highest quality - UP to the TOP Pedagogical University of the National Education Commission, 2019

Luxus, workshop within the Kioosk project, Visegrad Markets II, Bratislava, SL, 2014 / curated by Marta Niedbal, Barbara Janczak, Łukasz Podolak

Independent practices, lecture at the Department of Industrial Forms, together with Łukasz Podolak, ASP in Kraków, PL, 2014

Kioosk, Conference and Fair of Independent Publications, Krakow, 2012 - Konfederacka 4, 2013 - Dom Kolejarza, Bratislava 2014 - Visegrad Markets.Curators: Marta Niedbał, Barbara Janczak, Łukasz Podolak